Profiles of Long Island Clairvoyants

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Long Island Clairvoyants: Profiles

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Patty Gibbons

Patty Gibbons
Animal Communicator, Central Islip

Gibbons had recently returned from an animal communicator workshop in Vermont when Milieu sat down with her. “It was very funny, we had a woman come in with her dog, and I asked the dog what his job was, and he kept saying ‘To protect the baby boy, to protect the baby.’ And the woman sat there and went, ‘I haven’t told anyone yet, but I’m pregnant.’”

Another memorable reading involved a horse that insisted it liked hockey. Both she and the owner of the horse sanctuary where it resided had no idea where a horse would play hockey. Their answer came weeks later, when a police officer told them the horse used to be his partner. “Of course he likes hockey,” he said, explaining that one of the animal’s regular jobs was to patrol Nassau Coliseum during New York Islanders games.

Gibbons believes everyone can communicate with animals. “It’s just an awareness. I mean, of course, it’s varying degrees…I like to compare it to singing. Unless there’s something really physically wrong with you, everyone can sing, and with voice lessons, everyone can improve on their singing ability. Not that we’re all going to go on to sing at the Met or something like that, but I do believe that everyone has—it’s an intuitive awareness and it’s just how you focus it.”

Dawn Joly in her office with Elvis. (Lindsay Christ/Milieu)

Dawn Joly
Psychic Medium, Smithtown

Joly was just 10 years old when, while walking through the woods to visit a friend, an angel appeared to her. “I wasn’t sure what it was and I thought it was dying,” she recalls. “It really wasn’t. She took my hand, made these little symbols and told me that I would know tremendous things for my whole lifetime.”

Perhaps the most unusual item in her office is the giant cardboard cutout of Elvis that sits behind her chair, watching over her as she conducts her readings. “I’m very connected to Elvis in the spirit world. I have several of Elvis’ entourage as advisors,” she says, adding that she regularly goes down to Memphis to be with her Elvis family.

Joly stresses that she is not the type of medium who approaches strangers when she is out—a sort of Psychic Code of Ethics to which several other mediums interviewed by Milieu also adhere. “Do I grab people? No, I’m not the type of medium that grabs people… I would never scare somebody, pick out somebody if I’m in the story—it’s only in a life-and-death matter. So yes, it’s very difficult. But you know, you’re not here to scare them, you’re here to nurture them, to educate them that your loved ones are with you. I always acknowledge that once you come out of the body you become light, you become energy.”

Kim Russo

Kim Russo
Psychic Medium, East Meadow
Star of Biography Channel’s Celebrity Ghost Stories: The Haunting Of

Russo first realized she had an unusual gift when at 9 years old she was visited in her bedroom by women dressed in long black dresses and men wearing black suits and black hats: “Five spirits at the foot of my bed, the same five every night: three men and two women dressed in black clothing. I want to say, immigrants, that’s the best way I can describe [them] at that time… I thought, ‘Maybe I’m crazy.’ I really had no answer [as] to who they were or what they wanted. I just knew that every night was torturous, trying to sleep, being stared at for no reason.”

Russo won’t tell her clients bad news, only messages about past events or future predictions containing healing tidings. Her main goal is to relay that their loved ones are safe on the other side. Bad news “will only plant a seed in their brain of destruction and they can actually make it happen,” she says. “It’s also how you choose to look at it,” continues Russo, citing as an example a recent message she received from the afterlife warning that more than one storm would strike us in the near-future. “You can look at it as trying to frighten people or you can look at it as trying to enlighten people to be more prepared.”

She speculates Long Island may be a hotbed of psychic energy by design. “I believe that it may have to do with the fact that we’re an island surrounded by water. I also believe there may be some kind of vortex or soul agreement [between] all of us mediums that all congregate in this area. I believe the soul chooses geographically where it’s going to live prior coming to the world.”

Robert Hansen (Dan O’Regan/Milieu)

Robert E. Hansen
Psychic Medium, Merrick
Former Star of TLC’s Paranormal Court

Hansen dubbed one of his most memorable readings “Shark Boy.” Hansen sat down with the parents of a young man who had passed. “I said, ‘I’ve got to ask you something: Did you bury your son with, in his casket, a 5-foot shark?’ He goes, ‘I did.’ I said, ‘Are you shitting me? You put a shark in with your dead son?’ He said, ‘My son and I went shark fishing.’ They buried their son with a 5-foot [stuffed] shark. They took it off his bed and put it in his casket so he would be comfortable with something he loved as a child.”

He believes everyone has psychic potential. “The analogy I would use, is that many people can learn to play the guitar. You can learn to play the guitar. But then there are people that not only play by ear, but almost by natural instinct, and they become the Eric Claptons or Pablo Casals, some of the greats. And no matter how hard you play, how much you practice, how dedicated the effort, you can’t quite catch their ability because it’s instinctive and it’s gifted into them.”

Christopher Allan (Dan O’Regan/Milieu)

Christopher Allan
Psychic Medium, Farmingdale
Featured on MTV’s True Life

The 26-year-old’s most memorable reading took place recently, when a young woman’s father, who passed away when she was a child, came through. “The only thing she wasn’t able to validate was why I kept hearing the name ‘Bill.’ After the reading, she was emotional and said, ‘Thank you so much, let me pay you,’ and took out her money. She laid it on the table, and the last bill was a $10 bill, and on the bill it said, ‘I love you forever, love dad.’ The odds that she would look at the bill before she gave it to me and see that, that she didn’t use that the night before at 7-Eleven, but this night, I mean how do you explain that? That was pretty incredible.”

Allan’s stint on True Life highlighted his trouble balancing his personal life with his psychic gifts. It’s something he’s struggled with all his life, even as a child—in school he’d constantly see his teachers’ deceased families around them. “Sometimes in my head there were more adults in the classroom than there were kids,” says Allan, who credits the show in part to helping him adjust. “I said, ‘You know what? They have a point there. I have to find a way to control it better and not let it affect my personal life.’” He succeeded. “If I couldn’t I would probably be committed somewhere or not have made much of my life I would be so consumed by it, so messed up in the head.”

Josephine Ghiringhelli

Josephine Ghiringhelli
Psychic Medium, Selden

It was the tragic death of her brother that led Ghiringhelli to become a psychic medium. “I actually worked for the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration. I was the scientific intelligence technician for the Northeast regional laboratory in New York City,” she explains. “I never went to a psychic, never had any interest in it at all.” When her brother, a New York City police officer, was shot to death while she was away on a trip, Ghiringhelli decided to go to a psychic medium she had heard on the radio. “I had to seek out just something to connect with him because there was no closure,” she says. The medium was not only able to connect with her brother, but also informed Ghiringhelli that she would one day become a psychic, too.

One of Ghiringhelli’s craziest readings came from a young woman who entered her office with a very angry male spirit. “I said to her, ‘There’s a male energy in here and he’s very, very upset.’” she recalls. It was her boyfriend, who had been bludgeoned to death by the woman’s estranged husband, just days earlier.

In 2009, she tragically lost her 21-year-old son, James. “Losing your son, it’s like having your guts ripped out, it’s just so unnatural,” she says. Yet she’s found solace in her work. “Anytime I do a group [reading], I talk about my son. It’s healing for me, and it helps people who’ve lost children. All these years, I’ve read for people who lost children that they’ve come through, but I have never felt and could never imagine the pain until unfortunately I lost my James.”

Cindi Sansone-Braff (Lindsay Christ/Milieu)

Cindi Sansone-Braff
Psychic Medium, Tarot-Card Therapist, Relationship Coach, Author of Grant Me a Higher Love, East Patchogue

Sansone-Braff began talking with the dead when she turned 41. “They were really helpful, the dead, telling me where I could buy something cheaper, odd things,” she says, adding that prior to communicating with those who’ve passed she had been an entertainer, writer and playwright. “If someone told me at 40 that I was going to become a psychic medium I would’ve laughed.”

Her craziest reading came from a young girl in her 20s who was afraid to have children. Through her gist, she discovered the girl’s fear stemmed from her previous life as a young boy in World War II who died with his two younger siblings in a concentration camp. “She looked at me and she said, ‘Do you know that I was obsessed with the Holocaust since I was born and I’m not Jewish? And when I was 10-years-old I only hung out with boys because I was much more comfortable with boys? And I was so obsessed that my teacher invited a Holocaust survivor into the classroom to talk with me one-on-one. And when I saw that someone survived the Holocaust, I put my obsession behind me, and stopped hanging around with boys, and I accepted that I was a girl.’” The woman now has children, who Sansone-Braff identifies as the reincarnated souls of the two younger siblings she took care of during the Holocaust.

Richard Scheinberg

Richard Scheinberg
Past Life Regression Therapist, East Islip
Director of Sunrise Counseling Center in East Islip, Author of Turning Trauma Into Triumph and Seeking Soul Mates, Spirit Guides and Past Lives

Scheinberg had his first psychic experience when he was 19. “My older sister was murdered. I found it very tragic and had a hard time sleeping. She actually came to me in a dream and reassured me that she was okay. That kind of started to open me up to a spiritual life, that really, there is a way to investigate further.”

He’s gone beyond psychotherapy, into the spiritual realm, frequently taking clients on journeys to recover past life memories as a way of bringing clarity and solutions to problems plaguing their current lives. “When you just suggest the possibility to the person under hypnosis, ask them to go back before a time before you were born, the person will tell you about a whole other lifetime. This can happen with anyone, even if you don’t believe in reincarnation. We have an integration with psychotherapy. So if you have had a significant event in a prior lifetime, it gets integrated into your subconscious, it helps determine—it’s like karma—what kind of issues you may be dealing with in your current lifetime.”

Read our feature story: Long Island Clairvoyants

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