TRX Training: Here To Stay

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TRX, short for Total Body Resistance exercise, is a fitness craze created by a Navy SEAL that targets the core by combining traditional exercises with suspension cables. Perspiring pupils are in for an intense full body workout at Equinox in Roslyn and Woodbury, where cables are attached to the wall with which students perform different exercises in different positions using their own body weight to achieve them.

“Anyone can do it, you can be young or old, you can be deconditioned or an elite athlete, all you do is change the vector (the way you would stand holding the strap), if you just change your foot print, you just made it easier or if you change it you just made it harder, it works on your own body’s weight and your own resistance against gravity so everyone can do it,” says Kristen James of area group fitness for Equinox Long Island.

The gym offers a 1-hour TRX Boot Camp, which involves TRX training integrated with vipr or kettle bells.

“Members really enjoy it, because we progress them over the year through a series of exercises, making them more and more challenging as they go so they never plateau and never get bored and when we integrate other pieces of equipment that are great compliments to TRX, members see results really really fast.”

The training is also offered twice a week at the Core Class Studio in Glen Cove, taught by owner Loucas Lianos and trainer Brian Dunn. Of course, you can try it at home too via, that offers at home suspension equipment.

“It’s great because you can pack it up in your suitcase and take the strap with you, you can do it outside or hand it over your door, it’s very user friendly,” says James, but notes that the class is here to stay. “It’s one of the most cutting edge classes with the longest lives, it has legs, staying power I think, because people see great results and everyone can do it. You’re working at your own ability and your own level.”

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