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Yin and Yang, East meets West. Both are ways to describe Lisa Pamintuan, president of New York College of Health Professions (NYCHP) in Syosset. NYCHP is one of the leading colleges of holistic medicine in the U.S. and offers programs in massage therapy, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, as well as continuing education programs. Lisa was the youngest college president in the country when she took over the position in 2003, and at 38, is still one of the youngest today.

“The chairman of [NYCHP] asked me to look at the business side of the college and clean it up. The board was then looking for a new president and asked me to consider it,” Lisa recalls. In the almost five years that she has been at the helm, NYCHP has grown impressively. The college now boasts a student population of more than 1,000, including many students who are enrolled as part of a career change, and a faculty consisting of more than 100 full-time and adjunct professors. “There is a huge movement towards holistic medicine and our students know we are a solid, premium institution. Everything that we do here is top-notch,” Lisa says proudly.

Besides obtaining a law degree, Lisa is also a former professional tennis player and was the youngest winner of the Irish Tennis Open, at the age of 14. She also played at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. “When I played tennis, I used a lot of modalities we use here [at the college].” Lisa was introduced to alternative medicine by her teammates to help her game. “At ten, I was getting acupuncture and massages,” she says.

NYCHP teaches both Eastern and Western medicine, with a curriculum divided equally among the two disciplines. Many believe that Western medicine’s greatest strength is in its trauma care, while Eastern medicine excels in preventive medicine and treating chronic pain. Within each discipline there is its own logic and its own attributes and a different way to treat the patient.

As an integrative health facility, NYCHP provides affordable holistic healthcare that serves the public and offers seminars and classes for the community. NYCHP had more than 17,000 patients visit its clinics last year. “People are asking for holistic healthcare,” Lisa says. “You’ve got to have quality, and we do. The public knows that there’s a great energy here.”

In the fall 2008 semester, NYCHP will be introducing a unique program called the Science of Self Improvement, which will teach self awareness and insight into how people see each other in the workplace and in life.

Lisa thrives on challenges and already has taken NYCHP from a career school to a higher education institution that will continue to excel and grow to the next level by offering new and innovative programs and augmenting its continuing education programs in 2008. For the future, Lisa envisions a nationwide expansion of the college.

“There’s an infinite number of opportunities for us to help people,” Lisa says. “We are at the forefront of a great wave.”

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